Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in
Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in
Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in
Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in
Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in

Three Diamonds Beni Ourain / 9ft 8in x 5ft 7in

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Ok, no lie, this Beni Ourain is my favorite of all of our rugs! I have have lobbied again and again to keep it but Ait's stood his ground so at least I can make sure it's going to a good home! hahaha

This beni is really unique. Most benis are made from sheep who's wool is sheered once a year but the wool used to make this beni was grown for 2 years... quality wise, it's the best beni we have. It's amazingly cushy and i LOOOOVE how subtle the diamonds are.

Our Beni Ourain rugs are traditionally hand-knotted by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains. They're made from raw wool, making them surprisingly east to keep clean... :)

This beni is in beautiful condition and would add a stunning touch to any space! It's got a great design and is very unique. The tassles are also twisted and knotted, amazing detail... Authentic Moroccan rugs only have tassels on one side because of the way they are handmade* on the looms.


Dimensions: 170cm x 294cm // 5ft 7in x 9ft 8in

Materials: 100% sheep's wool

Origin: made in morocco

Wear/condition: new/excellent

Why get your beni ourain rug from us?

- Little Tasa strives for authenticity. We work directly with the makers and want to see sustainability in the market so we believe in fair trade.
- Each one of our rugs is unique and is a one of a kind. No one in the world will have the same one!
- Our rugs are hand-woven by Berber, artisan craftswomen whose know-how has spanned centuries from generation to generation. We want to see that tradition continue and for these women and their communities to thrive. 

More about the wool:

The wool of the carpet comes from the sheep of the high Atlas mountains. This water-rich environment allows our sheep to feed mainly on 100% organic herbs and plants, the climate of these regions is dry and cool at the same time because of the altitude. These environmental conditions allow the sheep to flourish and provide a very high quality wool, ultra-soft and warm, an infinite pleasure for our toes.

The raw wool our beni ourains are made with is especially (and surprisingly) easy to keep clean. Cleaning directions will come with your beni! 

Our beni ourain rugs are not only a decorative piece to embellish your rooms. It is an artistic piece that tell the story of the ancient Berber past and it’s encounter with the current life of it’s creator - A pride for the Berber culture and the land it grows from.
Moroccan Berber rugs and textiles have tribal motifs that seem simplistic but are extremely rich and complex in symbolism. They convey deep visual beauty and emotions.

We work in partnership with talented Moroccan weavers to bring you the very best rugs, hand-knotted as Moroccan tradition. Our wool is sourced from small businesses and hand dyed with low impact dyes. We buy using fair-trade principles in order to support the women we work with and their communities as best we can.